Wednesday, 25 June 2008

today is...

today is paddington bear's 50th birthday! jeremy clarkson's mum designed & made the first paddingtom bear! who says daytime telly isn't educational eh!

i have also become god wan's friend on myspace...pretty good day so far, ha.

been making making making recently as photographing hasn't gone too well. got a spangly new lighting set but a (now) two legged tripod incident *ahem* has stopped me from using it properly.

a lil fishy necklace has been my fav thing made yesterday, i will pop pics on as soon as "photographic differences" are resolved!

Thursday, 19 June 2008

new pics and sewing...

here's one of the hundreds of pics i took the other day... they shall be making their way onto the site over the next few days. oh and eventually into the shop, after i finally get my stupid paypal sorted! feel the paypal love....!

take a look at the lovely lovely bags my (even more lovely) mum has sewn for mee, pretty much a whole afternoon & evenins work sweating over the sewing machine. *thanks mum* oh and an emergency ribbon delivery by me...which has now run out again alreadyy. they come in small medium & large with a little embroidered snappysausage tag, everything purchased will arrive in one... well jewellery wise that is.

i found more fabric yesterday, more stripes, diff colour & size cheques too woop!

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

phew, had a mega photo taking session this afternoon & still more to do, updates will be on the site soooon and maybe a few for snappy's myspace too. the stuff will be then packed up & sent to a new concession at the beginning of next week... details to come! i am also working on some little cards that i hope to get printed at the end of this week too!