Friday, 30 January 2009

larry & barry

these little guys are made with the fabric we brought back from japan. i love the fabric loads & was difficult deciding what to use it for! measuring nearly 3cm round, they're so cute, i've got my eye on lil barry, therefore he may not even make it into the shop...well until i buy more supplies that is!

also this week, poor little lulu had an operation of the, ahem, sensitive nature. she's feeling loads better now & loving her everyone again now though. off to visit her this weekend as shes at my mum&dads at the min... as shes a local at her usual vets just recently! 

*pictured is her blanky & tea & biscuits... for me however (the tea&bisc), not the slightly chubby sausage dog*

Thursday, 29 January 2009

oh & by the way...

since there are a fair few valentines themed things in the shop now... there's even a little valentines treats section!

if you want to treat your sweetheart....

the last day to order is 10th february for UK orders & 7th February for overseas orders

how exciting!

i ♥ snappysausage

these little cuties were a MEGA success at clutter city this weekend, we were super busy! so i've popped em into our shop & etsy shop too! they're teenyily, tinily cute & as good ol valentines day is coming soooon, until the day, they're £1.50 & have FREE POSTAGE too! woop, what more excuse do you need to get all loved up?!

a little bit sad...

the lovely bettyjoy online boutique is set to close in april, which is such a shame, a sign of the times that all crafters are feeling i guess, but a sad one. 

 snappysausage is featured on the blog here. the bettyjoy blog will remain, so keep checking back for lovely things!

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

oooh pretties

there certainly is! take a look hereeee. there's a fab valentines section on the site too, guaranteed to ensure valentines shopping easy-peasy-ness!

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

GUESS WHAT... some of these glassy lovelies are now available in our shop, yay! i may also mention that we can do custom order lovely shiny earrings in pretty much any colour/colourway/chunky/striped etc etc etc. so get in contact if you'd like an extra special gift for a loved one... or mayve even yourself!!...why not eh

a few more glassy lovlies to take a look at. might have a go at some chunky pendants next week...

Sunday, 18 January 2009

clutter city

been working on some lovely valentines themed earrings for clutter city this sat! some more little glassy earrings, some tiny tiny little hearts & also some hand printed ones using the stamps we brought back from japan!

Thursday, 15 January 2009

first attempt at fused glass earrings, back in november, as promised!....

been crazily making more within the last few days & only managed to get a few cuts! think i'm addicted, so everyone will be expecting a lovely pair of earrings for, well, pretty much any occassion really! don't like the waiting much though, to fire, to cool down etc, i get far to excited & want everything done straight away!

here's a little look at a pair from the other night...

i love them, a really nice retro feel to them, also waiting to cool are lots of little tiny ones in lots of colours to, they're so cute. & guess what... you'll be able to buy them HERE!! next saturday (24th jan) how exciting. & of course, i'll pop a few in the shop too.

Sunday, 11 January 2009


throughout the last week a fair few new things have arrived in the shop... here. expect a lot more & a few different things too.

a massive box with a lil kiln & some lovely glassy stuff arrived on friday... not had a chance to try out the goodies yet, but come monday there will definaltely be a few samples to take a look at.

popped along to ikea today & got some more display bits for a couple of craft fairs planned within the next few months!

here's a sneaky peak at a couple of necklaces that will cetainly get you in the mood for love!
now time to warm up with a big cup of tea, mmm, yay!

Thursday, 8 January 2009

glassy stuff...

back in november snappysausage trawled on down to bristol for a glass slumping & fusing weekend. many, many, mannyyy cuts later, I returned (after a lovely stay in a posh hotel) feeling like a 3 year old looking at all her paintings she did at school!... admiring my glass bowl/glass coaster attempts & also had a whirl on a microwave kiln... i'm very impatient you see & have very little space, so i could definately do with one of these babies.

so i ordered myself one today & a mega supply of glass! so expect to see lots of lovely glass earrings etc being snappy'd out soon.

Monday, 5 January 2009

NEW for 2009...

these little lovlies will be popping up in a few places...