Monday, 11 August 2008

square eyes & a (mostly) finished website

hours & hours & hours were spent finishing snappysausage's web page. i am a (sort of) expert of all things html-y & pixel-y. there are a still a few items that need to be popped into the shop though, so keep checking back to see them!

lots of new things to make too, so you shall be seeing some new jewellery bits soon & also some little cards!

lena corwin's printing by hand is also travelling over from america, so there may just be some printed lovlies in the store too.

i'm still working on my homeware/printed stuff, just looking into printers/fabrics etc at the mo.

so yes. lots to do.

i'll pop a section for my illustrations on the site tooo... when my eyes aren't square from constant laptop use. arh.

take a look...

i like this likes part of the about me section on the site...

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Craftybernie said...

Hi there!

Sorry for delay in replying to your question but I've been a realy Really bad blogger lately....

To create the toadstool logo, I used Paint.Net to convert a photo to a pen/ink drawing, cleaned up the image, coloured it in etc... and cropped it to the avatar size.

Paint.Net is available to download for free from If you don't have access to paintshop or other similarly wonderful editing software, it's worth taking a look at.

Thanks again.

Take care...Bernie x