Monday, 2 February 2009

don't forget...

make sure you treat your sweetheart in plenty of time for it to get there! the last day to order to make sure they arrive by the 14th is 10th february for the UK & 7th february for overseas orders. oh yeah, and shipping for out little heart earrings is ABSOLUTELY FREEEE!

i should probably say a little bit about all the snow, but instead i'll talk about my ebay button spectacular... for an amazing 25p, yes twofive, i've bought what seems like a million old buttons, not sure what to do with them, but can never have enough old buttons i guess. ahem. also bought lots of little mugs & cute little egg cups this morning, going to be doing some printing onto them, if it works, hopefully it will, as ihave some extra special designs lined up for them! i love egg cups, they're so cute.

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