Thursday, 21 May 2009

it's been a little while

since my last ramblings, but quite a bit has happened since then! there's a new addition to the snappy empire, in the form of pickles kitten...

here she is in a weird polaroid style application I downloaded. she looks slightly boss eyed, but it's particularly hard to get a flattering photograph of a speed of light kitten while she is; darting under the sofa/tv cabinet/bed (refusing to come out) or while she is walking over your face in the morning/getting into bed propper human style for a morning cuddle. or wailing outside the bedroom door at 5 am. oh yeah, or sitting on a laptop/batting me/the carpet/tinkly mouse/anything. so yeah, it's pretty difficult to get anything actually done around here at the mo, apart from between about 11-2 when we watch daytime tv together & cuddle (she does, I take the opportunity to actually do something constructive!

i've been working on a brand new website this week. here it is... i'm trying to swap my old domain over to this new site which has been rather difficult & still not there, but hey, whats 24-72 hours to wait to see if it's miraculously worked eh?

i've also been sorting 2 more suppliers, one here & another one in the US, yay! spreading the snappy love!

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